Smarter Microsoft Licensing & Audit Defense

Smarter Microsoft Licensing & Audit Defense

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Microsoft is one of the more aggressive software vendor auditors. It also doesn’t deeply discount or create non-standard negotiated Terms & Conditions.

It is always advantageous to enter into any engagement with a softeware publisher with a deep knowledge of your rights, Terms & Conditions and licensing position. At Miro Consulting, we provide Microsoft Audit Defense and Licensing Optimization services as well as educational information on:

  • Smarter Microsoft Licensing
  • Drivers, True-ups & Compliance Intricacies
  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement True-ups and renewals
  • A live Q&A on Microsoft licensing every few months

If is important to note that all this information is important and provide a beneficial baseline understanding of Microsoft’s licensing practices. For example, Sofware Assset Management engagements are usually conducted by third-party auditors or consultants and the company has to cover any deficiencies in its software licenses. A SAM engagement has been used (sometimes) in place of a vendor audit. For more information like this, please request our resources on the right.

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