5 Things Oracle No Longer Offers in 2017

5 Things Oracle No Longer Offers in 2017If your renewal is coming up soon and you were planning on using one of these, you may need to change your plans.  Here are 5 things that Oracle no longer offers in 2017:

1. Priceholds:

Priceholds used to be the “bread and butter” of Oracle offerings, but are now quite uncommon. Besides being rare, their benefits are constricted, having a limited scope (in terms of applicable products) and limited discounts on subsequent procurements.

2. Limited Use:

Many Oracle products have the potential to be limited to selective areas, such as Development or Testing, or with license packs having split usage. Now, it is far less common for Oracle to grant these permissions, due to increasing complexity with licensing rules and utilization methods.

3. Primary Usage:

Practically a fossil in the digital age, Primary Usage has not been offered for more than a decade, despite still being in use in some environments. Primary usage allows for individuals who utilize a single application for the majority of their work, to also utilize other applications defined within a Primary Usage set, while not having to be licensed independently.

4. VMware Licensing by Cluster:

Prior to VMware’s vSphere 5.x, Oracle would accept an ESX cluster as the smallest licensing boundary by default for a cluster of servers running Oracle products. However, with the later versions of vSphere Oracle has increased such default licensing boundaries to the vCenter or greater.

5. Not Considering the Oracle Cloud:

If you’re an Oracle client, they’ve probably already contacted you about trying Oracle Cloud services.  What you might not know is that Oracle has recently made changes which make running Oracle on other companies clouds twice as expensive as running on Oracle’s Cloud.  Since cloud services are now a huge focus of Oracle’s sales efforts, you can be assured that their sales reps will want to discuss it with you.  If you are considering moving some applications to the cloud, Miro can help you understand your options to get the outcome that matches your needs.

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