Licensing Oracle’s Business Analytics Tools (BICS vs DVCS vs DVD)

Oracle BICS vs DVCS vs DVD

Both Business Intelligence Cloud Services (BICS) and Data Visualization Cloud Service are used for data visualization, and have similar capabilities. Deciding which is best for your organization can be challenging.  Here’s some tips on making the right decision.

Oracle’s business intelligence platform, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is an on-premise tool able to create reports, dashboards and real time alerts for users.  In 2014, Oracle introduced BICS as the cloud based version of OBIEE, but it didn’t have the full functionality of its on-premise counterpart. While BICS is included in the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), DVCS is not. OAC includes Data Visualization Desktop (DVD), though the versions have lagged DVCS in the past. DVD is a stand-alone version of DVCS, and is free for either DVCS or BICS subscribers, and for those who’ve licensed Visual Analyzer in OBIEE.

As part of it’s cloud first strategy, Oracle upgraded BICS by adding “Visual Analyzer” in 2015.  With the addition, BICS could now load data from external sources and create data mashups.  Visual Analyzer simplified and extended the way users could build dashboards and other visualizations.  At this point, BICS had functionality that OBIEE couldn’t match.

Later that year, Oracle released a version of Visual Analyzer for OBIEE 12c, called the Data Visualization add-in, which is version DV V2.  The crucial difference between the two, is that Visual Analyzer for OBIEE requires an additional license, but BICS does not.

After announcing it’s new “Oracle Data Visualization” brand, Oracle announced a repricing of DVCS and BICS.  DVCS only offers limited data visualization, at $75 per month per named user, with a 5 user minimum.  BICS has a more robust set of visualization tools, and has a standard pricing of $150 per month per named user.


  • Data Visualization Desktop – Single User Perpetual
  • Data Visualization Cloud Service – $75 Monthly Subscription per User, 5 user Minimum
  • Business Intelligence Cloud Service – $150 Monthly Subscription per User, 10 user minimum
Cost Minimum Users Per Processor Notes
Data Visualization Desktop $1250 user (month?) 1 80 Free with DVCS or BICS
Data Visualization Cloud Service $75 user/month 5 n/a Free DVD…
Business Intelligence Cloud Service $150 user/month 10 n/a Free DVD…

Here are the details from the Oracle website: “DVD is packaged at no extra cost with DVCS and BICS, so customers who subscribe to those services receive a matching number of DVD licenses at no extra charge.  On premises, customers license Oracle Data Visualisation for $1250 per named user (minimum lowered to 1), and receive both DV for OBI12c and DVD; when OBI12c and DV are licensed by processor, customers get 80 licenses of DVD per processor, again at no extra charge.”


About Product BICS is the complete package of BI capabilities Oracle DVCS as a subset offering of Oracle BICS
Features Dashboard Yes No https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/data-visualization/datasheets
Analyses Yes No https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/business-intelligence/videos
Catalog Yes Yes
Modeler Yes No
Snapshot Yes Yes
Safe Domians Yes Yes
Application Role Management Yes Yes
Issue SQL Yes Yes
Session & Query cache Yes Yes
Manage datasets Yes No
Manage Map Data Yes No
Default Data Source Oracle Cloud database Yes Yes From BICS and DVCS cloud
Oracle Applications Yes Yes
Scope Features Scope Full with all BI capabilities limited to data visualization only
Support Data syn (Sync third party databases)* Third party Databases Yes Yes
Sql Queries Yes Yes
Rest API Yes Yes
Free Tools** DVD Yes Yes
Visual Analyzer support Visual Analyzer Yes Yes
Product visualization Components Number of Components 26 26 From BICS and DVCS cloud
File Support CSV Yes Yes
Excel (XLSX) Yes Yes
Pricing Monthly Subscription Cost $150.00 / month / named user $75.00 / month / named user https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/business-intelligence/pricing
10 user minimum 5 user minimum https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/data-visualization/pricing

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