Oracle License Review

Oracle Software License Review Overview

Our expert analyst team will conduct a comprehensive license review of the organization’s Oracle software deployments, entitlements, usage, contracts and purchasing documents to help the organization remain in compliance with Oracle’s licensing policies

Oracle Licensing Challenges

  • Oracle’s software licensing rules are complex, nuanced, and change frequently due to technological and non-technical developments
  • Conducting enterprise wide license review projects can be costly in both time and resources for internal resources
  • Internal IT, Procurement and Executives have many responsibilities within the organization and limited ability to their expertise in Oracle Licensing rules and policies
  • Organizations that use Oracle software can expect to be audited every few years, and penalties for non-compliance can range into the tens of millions of dollars

Oracle Licensing Opportunities

  • Engaging specialized outsourced experts to oversee the organization’s software assets greatly reduces the risk of non-compliance and associated unbudgeted expenditures
  • Significant cost savings are possible through license optimizations, reductions, and migrations
  • Internal resources can make better and faster decisions with the help of trusted advisors who are subject matter experts in all aspects of software asset management
  • Customized licensing options are available through Miro which Oracle doesn’t normally offer

Miro’s 3 Step Approach to Oracle License Reviews

Oracle License ReviewMiro’s 3 Step Process is designed to help organizations prepare for and defend against software license audits. It guides an organization through the identification of all deployed software assets so they can be analyzed against all contracted licensing entitlements. This analysis produces strategies and information that organizations can use to make the best decisions for their businesses.

1. Oracle License & Subscription Assessment

Miro does a license assessment (friendly audit) of the organization for comparison to its entitlements, to establish a baseline compliance position, through a review that parallels the vendor’s own license compliance assessment.

Licensing Baseline

License reviews establish the baseline required for building or resetting a software asset management (SAM) program. Inventory (i.e., entitlements) is compared with the deployments, applying the appropriate licensing rules for the edition and version of each product as it pertains to the boundaries set within the organization’s contracts.

Point-in-Time Assessment

An Oracle License Assessment is a point-in-time review of an organization’s software license estate, with a detailed strategic report that outlines various options to mitigate shortfalls, surpluses, and future changes.  After the initial assessment, Miro’s Managed Services (link) is available as a long term option for organization’s to stay compliant on an ongoing and continual basis.

Compliance Issues

While many organizations have active software management programs, their teams often interpret the vendor’s policies and rules differently than the software vendor itself. This leads to situations where the organization believes it’s fully compliant when it’s actually not. Miro bridges the gap between these interpretations and helps organizations understand where they may have significant compliance issues.

Asset Repository

Proof of ownership is vital for establishing a defendable position. An asset repository in the form of software licensing agreements (SLAs), subscriptions, invoices, and other renewal or procurement documents establishes proof of ownership, as well as includes information regarding terms of use. Miro helps organize and interpret these documents.

2. Cost Containment & License Optimization

Miro provides various options to optimize an enterprise’s software deployment and procurement based on the organization’s needs and future planning

Modification Impact

Miro will provide a detailed impact analysis report showing how the suggested changes will affect the organization’s licensing estate.


  • Addressing acquisition requirements
  • Addressing divestiture requirements
  • Preparing for Server Platform changes
  • Preparing for a shift to or from a Public Cloud
  • Transitioning into or Renewing a new type of contract with Oracle
  • Implementing a New Oracle based Solution
  • Planning for a licensing downsizing
  • Leveraging the use of a custom metric
  • Implementing or changing a Disaster Recovery plan

Deployment Strategies

Miro can recommend advanced deployment strategies for an organization to use the licenses it already has instead of purchasing new licenses to cover its requirements.  This includes both advanced strategies on configuration and license allocation.

3. Strategy Execution

The organization can choose from the presented strategies based on which is most suitable for their needs. Miro can assist in executing strategies that may include license procurement, contract negotiations, license migrations, license upgrades, and what-if licensing scenarios based on recommendations around changes to server allocations and environment redesigns. Any of these may be required to keep the organization in compliance, or to execute its future strategy.

Negotiation Strategies

This deliverable reveals shortfalls and/ or surpluses, and recommends strategies for addressing them. Miro works with the organization to design a strategic plan based on precedent and profile, with an established primary negotiation position and acceptable secondary or tertiary positions. This is used in preparation for and during the course of negotiations with the vendor. Miro licensing experts can participate either directly or indirectly in the negotiation sessions.

Oracle License Procurement Strategies

These are recommendations made to the organization on strategic ways to procure the licenses and subscriptions required for their business needs that achieve the best possible price, terms and conditions.

Present & Future Planning

Numerous events and scenarios that may impact the organization will be considered, including past, present and future projected changes such as implementations, data centers, acquisitions, divestitures, consolidations, virtualizations and similar.  The organization will receive a detailed plan with the recommendations and several options on how to optimize Oracle software licensing.

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