Oracle Support Renewal Management

Oracle Support Renewal Management

Our expert analyst team will manage all logistical areas of annual support with Oracle to ensure timely review, validation and reconciliation of an organization’s Oracle support contracts

Miro’s Oracle Support Renewal service is not third-party support.  It is a service that renews your official Oracle support on your behalf.

Oracle Support Renewal Challenges

  • Support Renewal of multiple products is a continuous & labor intensive process
  • Reviewing Oracle support quotes for accuracy in cost and product quantities
  • Constant calls from Oracle requesting updates on POs for renewals
  • Lack of invoicing and quoting options

Miro’s Oracle Support Renewal Services Offer

  • Coordination of support renewal delivery with Oracle support department to ensure timely review, validation and reconciliation
  • Payment of support renewals to Oracle to avoid license termination due to lapse of support or accidental oversight
  • Confirmation of support renewal processing
  • Customized quoting and invoicing of support renewals on a departmental, divisional, project, product, application or CSI basis
  • Reconciliation of software license inventory against support renewal inventory
  • Custom options to renewals that Oracle does not provide to clients

Miro’s Oracle Support Renewal Management service eliminates the burden of managing this often frustrating and time consuming area of Oracle software management.

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Miro's Managed Services for Oracle licensing is a best practice approach for an organization to optimize and outsource the practice of Software Asset Management to specialized external experts to ensure the organization's compliance with vendor rules and policies.

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