Multinational Manufacturing Organization Chooses Miro’s Managed Services for Oracle Licensing & Subscriptions

  • Miro maintained a running status of their Oracle software license assets enabling them to own the least amount of shelf ware on a regular basis
  • The organization’s staff was able to save dozens of hours they’d previously spent on gathering data for Oracle Audits
  • The organization saved over $5,000,000 on licensing costs by using Miro’s guidance to optimize their licensing and deployment options

The organization originally contacted Miro to verify the status of their software license compliance with Oracle. The project identified several areas where they could address issues with the licensing they already owned. After final tweaks were made to the deployment of their infrastructure which supported their Oracle solutions, they were positioned to purchase Oracle licenses to address the few remaining shortfalls.

Miro had presented the organization with several options for the purchase of the additional shortfalls. Miro’s options included benefits that extended beyond just the discounting, so the organization decided to process the Oracle purchase through Miro’s position as an Oracle reseller.

After realizing many benefits from engaging Miro, the organization decided to subscribe to Miro’s Managed Services offerings to help them manage the evolution of their Oracle software licensing requirements on a more regular basis. They had not realized how often changes in their environment prompted potential software license compliance issues.

They became concerned that these ad hoc periodic reviews every few years left them more susceptible to developing software license compliance issues. Those issues could result in unexpected large financial exposures due to software license non-compliance.

The addition of consistent and focused attention to the management of their Oracle software licensing generated more benefits than they had originally envisioned, for example:

  • As Miro maintained a running status of their Oracle software license assets, it positioned them to identify available licenses to use towards new projects, this enabled them to own the least amount of shelf ware on a regular basis
  • Supported by the organization’s schedule of server decommissioning, Miro was able to identify the best time to acquire new licenses in order to keep from buying licenses that could soon become shelf ware
  • Oracle Audit’s were easily navigated as Miro already knew the organizations software compliance status, so conveying that information to Oracle Auditors was much simpler for the organization and also enabled Miro to intervene when Oracle had additional questions. An example of such an occurrence was when during an Oracle Audit, the auditor thought that the organization was utilizing the same licenses for a Cloud deployment and an On-premise at the same time, but Miro was able to clarify the misunderstanding to the Oracle Auditors
  • Planned changes to the environment were addressed much more proactively through the Quarterly Business Reviews, as Miro was then able to comment well ahead of time when the organization’s near future plans had aspects that would introduce software license shortfalls.
  • This enabled the plans to be adjusted so at the completion of the implementation they would remain in software license compliance with Oracle. The client realized this benefit when they were planning hardware upgrades with the potential to shift some solutions to the Cloud.
  • Miro was able to point out the issues that the new hardware presented, and discussed available options to the potential configuration. The organization was also able to have Miro run a software perpetual license cost compared with Cloud subscription costs to help them decide how the cost could inform their decision
  • Support renewals became better tracked, and cost-effective changes could be planned as their software license assets evolved
  • The Miro Licensing Help Desk was useful to understand changes in Oracle Policy, and for the client to inquire how new versions of software might bring changes that could generate software license shortfalls from a simple upgrade

Overall, the CIO of the organization felt much more at ease that their Oracle software license compliance. The assets now had additional monitoring on a continuous basis that enable them to better manage the cost-effectiveness of their investment in Oracle software, as well as maintain the tightest handle on software compliance possible.

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