National Healthcare Organization Selects Miro To Manage Oracle Support Contracts

  • The organization faced significant challenges organizing and renewing their Oracle support contracts
  • Their policies did not allow them to issue purchase orders and required prolonged payment terms
  • Miro was hired to take over the management of their Oracle support contracts, worth over $6,000,000 annually, eliminating the issues and saving the organization $750,000 annually

The organization was experiencing significant difficulty in managing their Oracle Support contracts. They had multiple Oracle products being used by different departments, each with its own license contracts. Those contracts all had different costs, renewal dates and legal nuances.

Payment terms were also a significant issue for the organization. Their departments could only authorize prolonged payment terms, as is typical for their industry. This caused significant challenges for the IT and finance teams, who constantly had to deal with late payment problems, including vendor credit hold, and the possibility of suspension of their Oracle support services.

As a matter of policy, the organization did not issue purchase orders for expense renewals until after an invoice was received, but the vendor required a purchase order in order to send an invoice.

The organization also had the more common Oracle support issues, like paying for support for products they no longer used, aka “shelfware”. In other cases they were unaware of the useful function of certain products, and the possible trade in value of other unused licenses.

They also didn’t have the expertise or resources to monitor Oracle support contractual pricing, and support terms & policies for accuracy and applicability.

Miro was hired by the organization to solve these issues by taking full control of the organization’s support renewals, and co-managing them directly with Oracle. This included reviewing, tracking, managing, right sizing, and facilitating payment for their support contracts and allowing each of their departments to understand their portion of the bill, while ensuring there would be no interruption of service due to support lapse termination.

Miro also presented options for support contract terms and language revisions that allowed the organization to get more value from the license and support agreements, which improved their overall relationship with Oracle, while reducing costs in areas where little value existed.

Finally, the organization no longer had to worry about overpaying, as Miro’s team consistently ensured the proper balance of product support coverage, coupled with correct pricing applicability. The cost savings accumulated to significant amounts, totaling about $750,000 annually.

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