David Hauser, Chief Technology Officer of GotVMail Communications LLC, a telecommunications company in Weston, Mass., has lately negotiated discounts of more than 50% on Oracle software with the help of Miro Consulting Inc.

Wall Street Journal

“Oracle Upgrade is Giving Pause”

Preparing to enter into a very large software negotiation with Oracle is a significant undertaking. You have to be fully prepared and be sure you’ve explored all the angles. And having teamed with Miro, I was able to conduct negotiations with the confidence of a highly informed buyer, and having that peace of mind was key to striking the best agreement with Oracle.

Manish Khadepau

Chairperson, NJOAUG

It is a relief to discover that there are legitimate alternatives…with respect to the procurement of Oracle software.

David Michael

Chief Information Officer, PR Newswire

The comfort we gained as a result of Miro’s work is huge in terms of achieving ‘peace of mind.’ I no longer have this worry in the back of my mind.


Public Media Industry Leader

Miro has helped us navigate the minefield that is Oracle licensing for over a decade.

Christopher Gattoni

Manager of Information Technology — RISO, Inc.