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Oracle Software License Help Desk

The Oracle Software License Help Desk is an on-demand live-person resource for licensing information, rules, costs,and requirements, which ensures that the organization’s leadership and front-line staff have the knowledge to stay in compliance and avoid audit failures

Help Desk:

  • Obtain easy access to confidential Oracle licensing experts at Miro who can answer any questions the organization may have
  • Get help with planning the implementation of new solutions and with understanding the software licensing requirements
  • Verify licensing requirements of a particular Oracle software product that has not used before
  • Access information on pricing for an Oracle software product

Help Desk Example Scenarios:

  • An organization wants to implement a new virtualization technology into their environment and they wish to confirm the Oracle licensing requirements as indicated on the vendor’s web site.

Help Desk Advantage – Miro confirms all of the purchasing requirements of the product, informs of some peculiar conditions that need to be met for proper licensing and then provides a pricing estimate for budgeting purposes.

  • An organization wants to more fully expand upon the use of a particular Oracle product, but they are not sure if the additional module has minimums that they must purchase by.

Help Desk Advantage – Miro informs the organization that the requirements depicted are not entirely accurate and then indicates the correct method of allocation that they must follow in order to remain compliant with their software licensing.

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Miro is a leading global provider of software asset management services, specializing in license management, audit advisory, negotiation tactics, support management, and cloud services. We help our clients maximize ROI on their software license investments, stay in compliance, and minimize the impact of audits. Miro's performance guarantee promises that our long-tenured, diverse, and passionate team of expert analysts provides insightful and actionable advice to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Miro’s no risk Performance Guarantee is that the amount of cost savings that we uncover will be more than our fees.

Managed Services for Oracle Licensing

Miro’s Managed Services for Oracle licensing is a best practice approach for an organization to optimize and outsource the practice of Software Asset Management to specialized external experts to ensure the organization’s compliance with vendor rules and policies. Learn More.