Microsoft Reseller Challenge

Take the Microsoft Reseller Challenge to save your organization 20% on its Microsoft costs.

What is the Challenge?

  • Contact your Microsoft Reseller and tell them you want to save 20% on your Microsoft costs
  • Explain that you want to achieve the savings without sacrificing any business needs or Software Assurance
  • If your Reseller tells you they can’t do it, call Miro and we’ll explain how you can Save 20% on Microsoft Licensing – Guaranteed

Miro is now offering a no-risk Microsoft review service where we guarantee to find your organization a 20% reduction in Microsoft Licensing costs, or our services are free.

Call today to schedule a brief 30 minute call where we can discuss how to achieve the savings while not disrupting or discontinuing any business activities.

Confidential Microsoft Licensing Assessment

Organizations can avoid the dangers of a reseller audit by engaging a private, non-reseller like Miro to conduct a confidential Microsoft Licensing assessment.

Senior Executives and IT Decision makers can get peace-of-mind, substantial cost savings, and negotiation tactics before their next EA renewal, licensing purchase, or cloud migration.

Avoid “Voluntary” Microsoft Free Audits

The payment Microsoft makes to the auditor entitles Microsoft to the “right of first perusal,” meaning Microsoft receives the unfiltered data directly from the auditor before the customer gets it.

Depending on the size of the environment and the cited apparent shortfall, costs to the client can run into the millions of dollars.  Clients with significant licensing shortfalls can be forced to pay “Open No Level” pricing, typically 125% of EA pricing.

Contact Miro today to find out how we can save you 20% on your Microsoft costs.