Audit Advisory

Software audits are on the rise with Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Adobe having the highest number of audits. Being prepared for an audit is essential to an organization’s success. Miro provides audit mediation services for software licensing audits.

The Miro Audit Mediation Process provides:

  • Comprehensive Oracle audit review effectively navigating a formal audit by experienced analysts
  • Controlled Oracle audit conditions to obtain a mutually acceptable outcome
  • Mitigated outcome risks

During an Oracle audit, basic steps include:

  • A rapid, formal response
  • A self-audit that parallels Oracle’s license compliance assessment
  • An asset repository from software licensing agreements (SLAs), invoices and other renewal or procurement documents for proof of ownership
  • An interpretation of the audit including how any modifications can impact Oracle licensing
  • A plan of action

Potential challenges to internal Oracle auditing that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Backup, standup and failover
  • Disaster recovery
  • Internet & extranet access
  • eBiz user metrics, its definitions and entitlement rights
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Test servers
  • Transfers of data to and from a system
  • Virtualization

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