Miro Support Network

The Miro Support Network saves members time, reduces costs, and ensures ongoing compliance by providing direct access to software licensing, subscription and cloud experts. Support Network clients will also receive proactive education, updates and management advice on changes to usage rules.

Executive Summary

Ensuring ongoing compliance after a software license & subscription audit has become a top priority for executive leadership teams. At the conclusion of an audit, it’s easy to get complacent and assume that licensing and subscription issues are no longer an ongoing problem. Unfortunately, without proactive management, organizations frequently make mistakes that lead to the next audit.

The Miro Support Network solves the issue of ongoing software license & subscription compliance. A subscription to the network provides access to Miro licensing support experts on an ongoing basis, without the need to manage large compliance projects or pay incremental fees for support.

Your organization will get the expertise and knowledge gained from our exclusive network of over 100 large international organizations who are currently members.


  • Access independent Miro experts who can answer license, subscription and cloud management support questions
  • Get customized quoting and invoicing for additional licenses
  • Active tracking of licenses and subscriptions to provide a consistently updated licenses inventory
  • Receive compliance updates on latest licensing and subscription plan changes and potential exposures
  • Get long term license and subscription management planning based on specific initiatives
  • Get calculated options to maximize the value of current unused licenses metrics
  • Renewal verification
  • Receive advice on industry best practices and strategies
  • Licensing and subscription decisions can be vetted and scrubbed by experts
  • Review of support contracts

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