Oracle License Management

Organizations are faced with the business challenge of doing more with less and software procurement is a substantial financial investment for most companies. IT departments are often asked to curb spending, achieve better value, and squeeze greater efficiency from operations. Oracle licensing agreements have increasingly become more complex. Let us help you understand and manage your Oracle software licensing agreements (SLA). As a trusted advisor, Miro offers a performance guarantee on its Oracle License & Service Agreement Review service.

Clients benefit from Miro’s decade-plus experience of analyzing and negotiating Oracle licensing. We present more than one option for each scenario based on future forecasting, business projections and plans. Miro’s seasoned analysts work alongside their clients in order to understand each business individually so that they can provide the best counsel and offer customized plans. Miro Consulting, Inc. has worked with more than 500+ clients worldwide to optimize their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Miro Oracle license consultants will:

  • Optimize, customize and simplify your Oracle license agreements and support contracts
  • Decipher, decode and simplify your Oracle licensing and business practices
  • Ensure cost-effective procurement of licenses and support
  • Create flexibility within your software license agreement (SLA)
  • Offer Oracle licensing alternatives based on your company’s business model
  • Migrate outdated Oracle licenses and costly support
  • Rebalance Oracle licenses to enhance and create better value from your existing Oracle investment
  • Provide various Oracle license options based on your needs and various scenarios such as acquisitions or change management environments

With Miro’s 3-Step Approachâ„¢ to compliance, we help companies to:

  • Analyze, manage and maintain Oracle licensing and contract(s)
  • Find and reallocate existing funds from an existing Oracle investment
  • Negotiate Oracle software contracts
  • Assist during an Oracle audit