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6 Ways Advanced Compression Causes Oracle Audit Failures The Advanced Compression Option can be easily triggered by the use of some Oracle features, causing your organization to be out-of-compliance and fail an audit.

Oracle Advanced Compression is a licensable option that provides the ability to compress all types of data, backups, and network traffic to reduce storage consumption and improve performance.

Learn what triggers Advanced Compression and how to avoid unintentional use.
Jun 29, 20172:00pm EDT30 minutes
IBM Audits & License Management: Open Q&A For 40 minutes, IBM audits & licensing expert - Sharon Trembley - will answer your specific questions - from IBM audit defense to managing compliance, reducing risks, to tips on negotiating the best vendor contract. This is an open Q&A forum and questions will be answered on a "first come, first serve" basis. You may submit questions during the registration process as we do take questions in order of submission.Jul 11, 20172:00pm EDT40 minutes