Limitations of AWS Internal Cost Reduction Tools

AWS Cost Optimization Tools

AWS comes with a number of built-in cost reporting and optimization tools, which deliver a high-level overview and the costs associated with the different services and features, but they don’t break out the data in a granular enough way to achieve the highest level of savings.

Most importantly, they are simply algorithms that you can’t talk to about what your future plans are for your AWS usage.

AWS internal tools include the following:

  • AWS Billing Dashboard –  doesn’t breakdown costs by asset.
  • AWS Cost Explorer – shows basic costs but doesn’t look at actual utilization
  • AWS Compute Optimizer – makes recommendations for right-sizing servers, but does not recommend any cost savings options for payment and usage
  • AWS Cost Explorer API – connects to third party cloud dashboards and similar

AWS Cost & Usage Reports

AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) are by far the best way to get the most granular data about both your costs and usage at the same time. It provides an unprecedented detail level which enables organizations to plan out the best options for savings.


  • Extremely detailed
  • Customized data collection options
  • Runs automatically once turned on


  • They are not turned on by default and require a 5 minute set up process (non-technical)
  • The raw Cost & Usage Report data file is unreadable by humans due to the large amount of data
  • A custom analytics engine is required to compile the data into a human readable report

Miro provides both the human experts and the most comprehensive AWS Cost & Usage Report Analysis process available in the market, at reasonable, affordable pricing.   Contact us to learn more.

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