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Microsoft Software License Review Overview

Our expert analyst team will conduct a comprehensive license review of the organization’s Microsoft software deployments, entitlements, usage, contracts and purchasing documents to help the organization remain in compliance with Microsoft’s licensing policies

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Microsoft License Review Process

Whereas the Oracle review incorporates Miro’s 3-Step Process, the Microsoft review differs slightly. This approach holds more value for the Client when considering Microsoft licensing, especially where the forward-looking License Optimization and Negotiation Support are not part of the engagement.

1. License Position Assessment

Miro does a License Position Assessment (friendly audit) of the organization for comparison to its entitlements, to establish a base line compliance position, through a review that parallels the vendor’s own license compliance assessment.

While many organizations have active software management programs, their teams often interpret the vendor’s policies and rules differently than the software vendor itself. This leads to situations where the organization believes it’s fully compliant when it’s actually not. Miro bridges the gap between these interpretations and helps organizations understand where they may have significant compliance issues.

A critical part of this assessment is determining shortfalls and significant overages (which can be a wasteful investment). The Effective License Position (“ELP”) report is a spreadsheet that details the Client’s license position. The License Position Assessment (“LPA”) report uses the ELP report as its foundation, but educates the Client on several things, not the least of which is Software Assurance. It also adds mitigation strategies (similar to the Oracle Cost Containment report) for each cited discrepancy. In this way, it becomes the methodology by which the Client can resolve its compliance issues at the least expensive and most flexibly manner possible.

2. License Optimization

If the Client desires – especially in the case of a new or existing Enterprise Agreement (i.e., a renewal) – there are forward-looking offerings. One of these – and the next step in a full Microsoft Software License Review – is referred to as License Optimization.

License Optimization contains customized, real-world strategies that the Client can execute unilaterally. That is, no permissions or negotiation is necessary with Microsoft and/or the License Solution Provider (“LSP” aka the reseller). These cost containment strategies augment those in the LPA.

3. Negotiation Support

There are frequently some challenges in dealing with Microsoft and/or the LSP. These could involve upselling, other product purchases, and subscriptions. And all of it can be quite confusing!

Miro offers its services to assist in this negotiation in order to navigate through the array of offerings that are posed and cutting through the fluff to get to the desired outcome.

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