Oracle’s Compliance and Optimization Licenses Service Unit (COLS) is closing down

The Register is reporting that Oracle’s “Compliance and Optimization License Services Unit (COLS) is being shut down.  With about 150 people in the UK and EMEA, COLS was created to support the LMS division, which was reportedly not meeting its goals.

Where LMS operates in a more precise manner when reviewing licensing compliance, COLS was more of a division of the sales operation, specializing in cutting deals and giving discounts.

The Register’s source is reported as saying “LMS auditors do make mistakes so customers should do their own due diligence before making any claim.”

Miro is the leading expert in conducting license compliance due diligence for companies using Oracle products.  With COLS ceasing operations, its more important than ever to ensure your organization is in compliance before you receive an audit letter from Oracle.

To discuss how this change may affect your organization, please email Miro VP of Marketing, Shawn Donohue, at sdonohue@archive.miroconsulting.com.

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