2 out of 3 IT Executives Believe they Would Fail a software audit

A new study from the management appliance company reveals nearly two thirds of IT executives believe their companies have not taken the right steps to assure that their licensing is in compliance and are unprepared for a software audit.

They surveyed 350 respondents about software licensing compliance and software audits and over half revealed that they tracked their licensed manual or not at all. Not keeping track of licensing or poorly doing so is only asking for trouble, especially in larger enterprises where the fees add up quickly.

Here are some other interesting results from the survey:
• 69 percent of respondents are not confident that they are fully in compliance with software license agreements;
• 60 percent believe they have unlicensed software deployed;
• 56 percent track software license assignments manually or not at all;
• Only eight percent of participants have a fully automated process for tracking software license compliance.

The lack of software license compliance can bring hundreds of thousands to millions of unexpected expense for a company.  With software vendors – from Oracle to Microsoft to Adobe – cracking down on licensing, are you willing to risk not being prepared?

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