BSA – Harassers?

We recently blogged about two UK companies – RedPC and Overclockers – getting in trouble with the BSA over alleged software piracy. CRN in the UK recently wrote a follow-up story to the original news report about the BSA‘s aggressive procedures claiming they were taking these companies to court for simply not filling in a form.

As we have said before, being audited by a software vendor or an organization like the BSA is nothing to joke about – if you should happen to be unfortunate and get into this situation, we recommend that you cooperate fully because as they have proven here, they will take the necessary steps to drag you to court, which not only will cost big bucks, but it can also be damaging to any business’ reputation.

Software vendors like Oracle and Adobe have every right to protect their source of income and will certainly do so with hired guns if necessary. Best bet – avoid situations such as these, get your software licensing in check and keep it that way!

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