Oracle Support Contracts Now Auto-Renew

Oracle Support Contracts Now Auto-RenewOracle Support Auto Renewal

During the late summer and early fall of 2017, Oracle made a significant addition to the Oracle Support policies but was largely silent on this change. While there are references to Online Renewal within Oracle’s websites, the most impactful change concerned auto-renew.

Automatically renewing Oracle Support Contracts, designed to make it easier for Clients, has become the default method. Instead of receiving the Support Contract and thereby offering the customer the chance to review it, the customer simply receives an invoice that doesn’t clearly detail its costs.

There are several issues with this:

  • Based on policies within the customer’s organization around signing authority, some smaller Support Contract fees could be simply pushed through.
  • As some programs are de-supported, they will no longer appear on the Support Contract. This might serve as a trigger for some customers.
  • Some programs might be transitioned to the Oracle Cloud in which case the support fees would be set aside (“parked”) if the on-premise program is no longer being used.
  • Customers may have a charge-back system in place for which the cost detail of the Support Contract is essential.
  • License migrations might have occurred during the last support cycle which ought to be reflected in the latest Support Contract.

In all of these cases, the lack of Support Contract detail can become very detrimental to a customer. Miro advises that great care be taken before opting into auto-renewal.  Better yet, opt out, and reach out to Miro for more information.

Miro support renewal management provides a dedicated support renewal rep that can assure timely renewal, accurate support line items, and the lowest cost of renewal. Customers on average save up to 15% on Oracle Support contract renewals with Miro.

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