Oracle takes on virtualization

Oracle has made some significant statements regarding their support of virtualization and cloud computing. The complete strategy is outlined here, but we thought we would share some highlights.

Oracle said they plan to deliver the same level if high availability and scalability offer in non-virtualized environment for virtual environments, to encourage customers to deploy mission critical applications.

Products the company has recently introduced to support this includes:

  • Oracle VM Server for x86 and Solaris
  • Oracle VM Manager
  • Oracle VMTemplates
  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.2
  • Oracle Sun Ray Software 5
  • Oracle VM Virtual Box 3.2
  • Sun Ray 3 Plus Client
  • Oracle Weblogic Suite Virtualization
  • Virtual Assembly Builder

What is our take? The appeal of virtualization focuses on a) leveraging the value of existing IT assets by more fully employing computer cycles and reducing idle time (reducing hardware expenditures); and b) enabling computing growth within the confines of existing Data Centers with existing environmental controls (i.e., power and cooling). Oracle doubtlessly recognizes this appeal and wants to make its name and product line thought of as viable – especially within the Sun community.

By integrating legacy and acquired applications technologies, Oracle will more deeply entrench itself by effectively addressing all levels of the stack, all but eliminating the need for other manufacturer’s solutions. This approach aims the benefits of Oracle’s solutions at the non-IT community, speaking to more rapid delivery of business applications, capacity-on-demand, cloud computing, and platform-as-a-service. Only time will tell, but it’s certainly a move in the right direction.

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