Reducing your Oracle support cost by changing your architecture

One of the most common risk gaps during the lifecycle of Oracle at the enterprise is a lack of alignment. Legacy systems or architectural systems may cost extra in support year after year, but a simple change to the architecture may reduce your support costs. To give you an example, if you have older servers with single core processors and you move to a multi-core environment, you can usually save significant money in your licensing and your annual support costs. Let’s assume a server that had four single-core processors on it licensed singularly, roughly $47,500 for a single CPU license that would be $190,000 ($47,500 X 4 processors). Add 3-years of annual support for another $125,400. So, roughly, your cost of ownership would be $315,400. If on the other hand, you had employed a multi-core environment and used Intel CPUs, there is a factor that is applied in the Oracle licensing which is one-half, so you only need to buy half the licenses for the total number of cores that you have. For the same number of cores, you would be paying exactly half as much. In a three year period, you would save roughly $157,700 which may very well justify going to a different architecture. 

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