Which browser is the most secure?

One good way to assess the security of a web browser is to see how it fares in testing against socially engineered malware. Why is this test important? Because socially engineered malware is the most significant internet threat today. A test performed by NSS labs in 2010 showed that Internet Explorer 8 offered the best protection against socially engineered malware. While Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari browser have improved over time, IE has proven to be far superior in blocking the non-conforming URLs to protect internet users. Which browser should you keep out of your enterprise? Opera is the worst major web browser out there right now, with very poor abilities to block socially engineered malware, which could wreak havoc with your computer systems. Apple’s Safari web browser is also a very vulnerable browser compared to IE and Chrome – in a Pwn2Own hacking contest, hackers were able to get into a computer through the Safari browser in less than 5 seconds! The cockiest web browser got to be Google Chrome – it still has an outstanding “all hackers welcome” challenge that will pay any hacker a cool and legal $20,000 f they can hack the browser. Now that is saying something about the browser maker’s confidence in their product!

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