Why do the French get it for free?

What do they get for free you ask? Patent licenses. That’s right, costly patent licenses don’t apply to French developers. How did this information all of a sudden come to light? With the anticipation of Windows 8 being shipped by Microsoft, minus the popular Media Center installed, the blogs are a chatter about an alternative to Media Center. A French developer has created a completely free program called VLC Media Player. It comes highly recommended and is completely 100% free. VLC Media Player is not subject to MPEG-2 licensing fees…nice huh?

This kind of thing would never fly in the United States, but because the developer is French and considered a non-profit (as it began as a student project), it is out of the reach of lawmakers in the U.S.

While this goes against everything Copyright law was created to prevent – what does it mean for us? Free Media player for Windows 8!

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