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A number of years ago, Oracle introduced its Embedded Software License (ESL) model – available to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Once in a while, we get an extremely nervous ISV who didn’t understand the licensing restrictions on ESL …..

The ESL is a highly restrictive license that allows ISVs to embed Oracle technology into their products. The end-user would not necessarily know that they are using an Oracle-powered product.  Examples of possible systems using this licensing model include point of sales systems, kiosks, online commerce or an electronic library. It can be any system that requires a database to capture or become a repository for information or transactions.

The one item to note in the ESL model is the party responsible for Oracle software licensing agreement (SLA) – the ISV. Therefore, if you happen to be using the ESL within a market or markets, be cognizant of the usage, users and any alterations to the program that might affect your Oracle licensing.

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