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Embedded Software License

A number of years ago, Oracle introduced its Embedded Software License (ESL) model – available to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Once in a while, we get an extremely nervous ISV who didn’t understand the licensing restrictions on ESL ….. The ESL is a highly restrictive license that allows ISVs to embed Oracle technology into their products. The end-user would not necessarily know that they are using an Oracle-powered product.  Examples of possible systems using this licensing model include point of […]

Service Provider License Agreement Program Requirements

Like the ISV licensing requirements, there are certain requirements that need to be met to qualify for cost savings found in the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) Program. 1-      Your organization must be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Program as a Certified Partner for a Registered Member in the Hosting Program. 2-      You must also comply with the Services Provider Use Rights and export requirements.  In addition, as an ISV, you must provide technical support for licensed products delivered to […]

Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement

The Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is much more flexible than the ISV program. It allows you to license MS products on a monthly subscription basis, during a 3-year term, while enabling your organization to use the products to provide software services to customers. The following scenarios would make the SPLA program the best suited for you: You distribute Microsoft licensed products as part of a unified solution, not as stand-alone products. You do not lease or rent Microsoft licensed […]

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