Get on the Express, Enterprise Manager Database Express That Is

Oracle has removed previous versions of the Database Console and replaced it with Enterprise Manager Express (aka. EM Express). This is a much smaller and lightweight program, it is easy to use and configure, and provides the basics of what is expected from an Enterprise Manager such as database configuration and administration, space administration, users and roles management, and performance management.

EM Express is configured out-of-the-box and ships with every database, is light weight, and does not require any special installation such as a JVM or an application server. In order to achieve a small and lightweight footprint, EM Express is built inside the Oracle Database with only a 20MB footprint, and only uses internal infrastructure components such as XDB and SQL*Net.

EM Express uses a merged screen called the Performance Hub which streamlines the database performance diagnostics by consolidating the relevant database performance screens. The Performance Hub shows current real-time and historical view of the database performance across multiple measurements.

EM Express can manage both single instance and Oracle Real Application Clusters databases. The tool also has built-in support for container databases (CDBs). Along with in-depth support for performance management features, Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express can be used for configuration management, storage management and security management.

Basic administration features are included in EM Express however more robust features are not. For example, performance management features such as Performance Hub and SQL Tuning Advisor are licensed separately by Oracle Diagnostics Pack and Oracle Tuning Pack. You cannot do metering and chargeback in EM Express. Metering and chargeback functionally is built into Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database. There are no Data Guard management capabilities in EM Express.

Since EM Express is built inside the database, the database has to be open in order to use EM Express, and EM Express cannot perform actions outside the database.

The functionality of EM Express is not the same as previous versions and is not a “complete” administrative tool. However, it is fast, lightweight, easy to configure and easy to use. It provides a single point of reference for the basics.

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