How auto renewal and misinterpretation of the terms and conditions of support renewals can affect your SLA

Auto renewal on your maintenance and support agreements need to be closely monitored. It is better that you leave the auto-renewal alone, so that you are in a better position to renegotiate each year. It’s at this point that the lack of a central repository or tracking mechanism may become really obvious because without knowing throughout the year when the renewals are coming in, it becomes difficult to budget and it can get you into trouble. It’s important to note that within agreements of Oracle, support renewals may contain their own Terms and Conditions which may alter some of the Terms and Conditions that you fought so hard to negotiate within the original ordering document. It’s really important that you factor in these support renewals and the support costs during the procurement process and scrutinize those during the support renewals. You could end up thinking that this is just a purchasing exercise of support renewal year to year when you actually may be devaluing that big investment you made.

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