Licensing Disaster Recovery Solutions for Oracle, Microsoft, IBM & Salesforce

Date: February 11, 2020
Time: 2:30pm EST
Place: Online Webinar – Register Here

Will your Disaster Recovery solution cause you to fail a license compliance audit?

Join us for this informative webinar where we’ll cover how to properly license your disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to maintain compliance and not fail an audit.

Our analysts will be available for a Question and Answer session after the presentation.

Disaster Recovery Licensing:

  • Oracle – failover vs. standby vs. testing
  • Microsoft – permitted use, cloud, and software assurance
  • IBM – hot vs. warm vs. cold backup servers
  • Salesforce – discontinuation of the Data Recovery product, other options for backups

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Performance Guarantee

Miro’s no risk Performance Guarantee is that the amount of cost savings that we uncover will be more than our fees.

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Managed Services for Oracle Licensing

Miro’s Managed Services for Oracle licensing is a best practice approach for an organization to optimize and outsource the practice of Software Asset Management to specialized external experts to ensure the organization’s compliance with vendor rules and policies.

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