What is going to happen when Larry Ellison retires?

There has never been a discussion of retirement of a successor named to Larry Ellison, but blogger Tom Foremski is predicting that at the very least it would be a former Oracle employee and he points specifically to Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce.com – he also predicts that Oracle would then acquire Salesforce.com.

Benioff spent 13 years with Oracle prior to founding Salesforce.com and the rumor mill can’t get enough on the topic of Ellison’s retirement, although sources inside the company claim it isn’t something that they can even bring up or plan for. Ellison leaves some big shoes to fill, should he choose to leave anytime soon. Both Benioff and Ellison have enjoyed continued success and -only time will tell what the shakeout will be if/when Ellison steps down.

What do you think?

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