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Microsoft to WaMu – Pay Up!

Even Microsoft is worried about getting their bills paid these days. The company, who negotiated a $40 million software licensing agreement with WaMu back in 2007, has asked to be kept informed of the company’s bankruptcy filing in an attempt to make good on the contracts. Along with dozens of other vendors, Microsoft is hoping to get paid, but it’s likely they will not in this case. Even Microsoft is hurting – I even heard that Bill Gates himself has […]

Week in Review (Around the World): The world of software licensing and compliance

In the News This Week ·         Asia Times Online: Microsoft plays cool after DVD blow Chairman Bill Gates stated that the concept should prevent learning barriers for students which would include high software licensing fees. ·         BusinessWeek: The Secrets of Microsoft’s Sync Adding to the cost are the licensing fees for Microsoft’s software, and the voice-recognition technology from software maker Nuance Communications (NUAN). Between hardware and software-licensing costs, and assuming the markup of three to four times cost typical to […]

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