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SLA – it’s never done

Many of our clients think that once a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is signed and agreed upon, it’s untouchable until the end of the term. This is not the case in most circumstances. In fact, a good SLA should be changed periodically. Particularly, in the case of penalties and rewards built into the SLA, where there is often a need for change. Let’s say, for example, the software vendor is repeatedly missing deadlines and it has become detrimental to your […]

SLA = shared goal

One of the best uses of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in our eyes is its use as a way of setting goals for the vendor. When implemented successfully, an SLA can be a means to manage risk, and create accountability on both the part of the vendor and your own obligation to the technology investment.  We have seen many SLAs with built in penalties for vendors for non-performance, and/or missed deadlines. This can certainly work in your favor in […]

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