The Oracle License Review: Because Licensing Is Complicated

We often say that Oracle’s software licensing rules are complex and nuanced. But even our description doesn’t quite do justice to the rules. They are extremely complicated and subject to frequent changes based on both technical and non-technical developments. For this reason alone, we recommend conducting an Oracle license review from time to time.

As Oracle licensing experts, we can assist you in this endeavor. We make it our business to stay abreast of any and all changes in Oracle licensing. We help companies review and apply licensing rules to guarantee compliance.

Different License Types

Oracle software is not governed by a single type of license. There are multiple licenses covering a variety of scenarios Oracle believes applies to most use cases. The most common among them is arguably the limited license.

A limited license is a limited right to use license. A customer is granted permission to use the software within certain constraints and restrictions. The license does not equal ownership of the software. Above and beyond the limited license are several other options:

  • Full Use – A full use license gives a company unrestricted privilege to fully access the software and all its functions.
  • Application-Specific – An application-specific license allows full use of Oracle software but only relating to a specific application. There may be other restrictions based on the application in question.
  • Embedded – Oracle allows embedding its technology in the applications of third-party vendors. They license such activity with an embedded license. Such licenses are subject to access, installation, and configuration restrictions.

With so many potential scenarios to account for, Oracle has had to come up with some creative licensing language. That language can be complex and nuanced. Just one or two words in a given section of the license can completely change how a company is allowed to use Oracle products.

Licensing Fee Metrics

Not only is licensing language complex, but so is the way Oracle assesses licensing fees. Oracle relies on a number of metrics to apply the right fee structure for each customer. Here are some of the more common metrics:

  • Per Core – The per core metric counts virtual cores in virtualized environments.
  • Per Employee – The per employee metric counts every full-time, part-time, and temporary employee whether on a company’s payroll or employed by an entity that supports the company.
  • Per Named User – The per named user metric counts the number of users with direct access to Oracle products.
  • Per Processor – The per processor metric is the same as Per Core, but with the core-factor applied.

Oracle’s per employee metric has gotten a lot of attention over the last twelve months due to the company’s decision to use it as the metric for Java SE products. It would not be surprising if Oracle eventually moved more of its products to the per employee model.

Make Sure Your Company Is in Compliance

Oracle takes licensing of its software products very seriously. They are very particular about compliance and more than willing to audit customers. With that in mind, we encourage you to make sure your company is in compliance by way of an Oracle license review. Periodic reviews can help your company stay abreast of any and all changes in Oracle licensing.

Miro Consulting works on behalf of our clients as Oracle licensing experts. If you have any questions about Oracle licensing issues, or you are concerned that you may not be in compliance, please contact us right away. An Oracle license review could easily clear up any issues your company might have and is the best way to make sure things are being done right. Contact us today to learn more about our Oracle managed services.

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