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No downside to automation

Naturally, there are cost benefits to buying fewer licenses when re-negotiating a contract. The question is – how do you weigh the cost benefits against the risk of having too few or even being out of compliance because you are using your licenses improperly? Having an accurate account of business need is essential in reducing risk associating with contract negotiation and estimated licensing usage. The benefits of having a clear understanding of your licensing needs outweigh the cost of defining […]

Quick Byte #7: Oracle licensing and partitioned servers

Partitioned servers are commonly found in the corporate IT environment today due to cost savings and simplified management of running multiple operating systems — such as UNIX or Windows NT — on the same server. Partitioned servers also improve the work load balancing and distribution. In the case of partitioning servers, Oracle licensing recognizes hardware partitioning for licensing purposes. Meaning ….Oracle customers can license “only those processors that have been purchased from the hardware vendors.” As more processor rights are […]

Quick Byte: Oracle Licensing Tip #6

The number of Oracle license is required is based on the usage and business environment. Take for example, Oracle database EE during the testing, staging and production phase. Depending on the type of license being used, their number of different Oracle licenses required. If you’re licensing by processor, the number of Oracle licenses would be dependent on where the database is installed or running must be licensed. So, you have 6 processors, you need 6 licenses. If you have 20 […]

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