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Details, details, details…

Without a comprehensive and effective Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place when purchasing hardware or software, your investment runs the risk of being ineffective, and/or costing more than originally planned. The key to a successful SLA is all about the details. The four components of an SLA should be: Description: A descriptive overview of the task at hand Target/Deadline: When the project/term is complete and what should have been completed at this point Measurement: How you will measure against the […]

Microsoft Enterprise Agreements

Enterprise Subscription Agreements are typically for businesses with a need to standardize their Microsoft software and with a minimum of 250 PCs. What are the benefits? Some of the benefits include: savings for a 3-year agreement and included software assurance. The drawbacks? Software available is limited to: Office Professional Plus, Office Enterprise, Windows Vista Business Upgrade, Core Client Access License, and Enterprise CAL Suite, which includes the Core CAL plus seven additional CALs: Office SharePoint Enterprise CAL, Office Communications Server […]

Concurrent Device licensing: A valuable asset or an asset past its time?

With respect to Oracle software licensing, Concurrent Device licensing is generally defined as the maximum number of input devices accessing a program at a given point in time. If multiplexing hardware or software is used, this number must be measured at the multiplexing front-end. What does this mean for customers licensed in a Concurrent Device model? With the Concurrent Device metric, Oracle counts the source and use of data. Automated batching of imported as well as exported data would increase […]

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