Two Upcoming Webinars – Microsoft and Oracle Live Q&As – Sign up now!

Sign up today for our next two Live Q&A Webinars – and get your questions in early to ensure that we can get to them. Looking forward to “seeing” you there!

Microsoft Audits & Licensing: Live Q&A with Miro Consulting

Microsoft licensing expert, Tim Hegedus, will answer audience-submitted questions – from managing compliance and reducing risks to tips on negotiating the best vendor contract. Previous topics covered Miro’s Microsoft event included: The End of XP Support, Negotiating and re-negotiating with Microsoft, Recent licensing changes and their effects on SLAs, Understanding volume licensing programs, Virtualization and licensing, How cloud computing will change the licensing landscape, Switching to Office 365, Software Assurance and what it means for you and SQL Server licensing.

March 11th @ 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET

Register here: bit.ly/1gVuEm5

Demystifying Oracle Audit & Licensing Complexities: Live Q&A with Miro Consulting

Are you interested in learning more about Oracle licensing? Have questions specific to an Oracle audit? Here’s your chance. For 30 minutes, Oracle licensing expert – Eliot Arlo Colon of Miro Consulting – will answer specific questions on Oracle licensing – from managing compliance, reducing risks, to tips on negotiating the best vendor contract.

Some topics that may be addressed include: changes in licensing, pre-planning for Oracle procurement, concerns over vendor audits, compliance issues, best practices for software asset management and concerns over the changing dynamic environment from mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to divestitures

March 18th @ 1:00 PM ET

Register here: http://bit.ly/1a6LgoS


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