Microsoft Software Assurance and Microsoft

There is little that can be discussed about Microsoft software licensing without mentioning Software Assurance. And, of course, this applies to virtualization rights. In citing two of the examples above, we now explore Microsoft continues to evolve Software Assurance.

In order to permit the primary user of a licensed instance of Windows Desktop to access that instance remotely – such as a from a kiosk, a rented device, or a personal device (i.e., tablets, smartphones) – the device must be licensed with a Virtual Desktop Access (“VDA”) license, which is an annual subscription license (at about $100).

Unless… the Windows Desktop is covered by Software Assurance, in which case, Microsoft waives the VDA requirement.

The Software Assurance benefit for SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition eliminates the “number-of-cores-equals-number-of-virtual-instances” limitation. In other words, so long as Software Assurance remains active, there are unlimited virtualization rights for SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition.

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