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Change to Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Let’s say your current commercial Enterprise Agreement – scheduled for renewal this coming September – is for 325 seats of Windows client, Office, and perhaps one of the Client Access License (“CAL”) Suites. Your company hasn’t seen significant growth in user population, so the anticipation is that the renewal will be for that same number of licenses. Nope! Based on Microsoft’s change (their “refresh” as Microsoft refers to it), you are not eligible for the Enterprise Agreement any longer. That […]

External connector licenses

In addition to per user and per device licenses with Windows 2003 Server, there is a third option called External Connector Licenses. Because per user and per device client access licenses (CALs) have to be assigned to a specific user account or device, this sometimes makes it difficult when companies would like to grant access to their servers to partners and/or clients. Whenever systems are extended to unknown users, an External Connector License can be purchased. These license options are […]

Quick Byte: Microsoft Licensing Tip # 15 – Device vs. User CAL

Device vs. User Client Access License With most products, you must acquire a license for each running instance of the server software you run on a server. There are two types of CALs: Device CALs and User CALs. Device CAL – Licenses a device for use by any user. User CAL – Licenses one user to use any device. Note: CALs are version specific. You must have CALs for the same version or later that the server software being accessed. […]

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