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How to avoid data leakage on Android

Android phones all the rage, some even believe it will outpace the iPhone. As for me, being a security professional, I have my concerns. Many security researchers have demonstrated that almost every single Android Smartphone can leak login data for Google services – that’s a scary thought. The problem is due to the fact that the login tokens are sometimes sent in clear test over wireless networks, thus allowing hackers to grab these tokens and potentially cause mischief. This can […]

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages to ChromeBook?

For those of you thinking about purchasing a ChromeBook I thought I would share with you my list of advantages and disadvantages for this new piece of technology covering all aspects from security to functionality: Advantages: • Faster boot up times: ChromeBook boots up very fast. On the average, it boots up in 10 seconds. You can see the screen instantly switch on when you close and open it. • Better battery lifetime: The average battery lifetime is 8 hours, […]

The Importance of Web Application Security

Just about every enterprise today has one or more web applications that facilitate doing business with the public. Informational web sites are just that – they provide useful information to people who want it, by putting it on the internet. Web applications, however, offer interaction with customers – a banking website, for example, lets customers access their accounts and do things such as pay bills, move money around different accounts, and so on. While you may fortify your network with […]

Looks like Gambling is coming to DC!

The District of Columbia has legalized Internet Gambling – with the government expecting to make an estimated $14 million in tax revenue in the first four years. Patrick Thibodeau of ComputerWorld examined how officials will be able to determine if the gambling is being done within DC and asked our very own Sam Alapati for his take: Sam Alapati, senior technical director of Miro Consulting, believes legalized Internet gambling is “a far superior alternative” to offshore gambling, and there is […]

The Amazon cloud outage and the future of Cloud Computing

Amazon’s cloud service, which provides services to several well-known companies, such as Quora and FourSquare, suffered an outage for more than 24 hours between April 21-22, at its Northern Virginia Data Center. Amazon spreads out its data cloud infrastructure throughout the country, but the clients who were being supported from this center have experienced downtime – meaning their users couldn’t log into the company’s websites. This brings up the question as to whether one of the strongest selling points of […]

Big Brother made me do it!

Our personal favorite hacker, Albert Gonzalez, said that the government knew about his theft of 130 million credit and debit card numbers from Office Max, TJX, Heartland Payment Systems and Dave & Busters. In fact, he filed a 25-page petition seeking to overturn his 20-year sentence. The Secret Service declined to give comment. Within 5 years, Gonzalez collected $2.8 million. Now, he is saying that it was all government sanctioned. By all means, let’s pass the buck.

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