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It’s a great day: No airport delays and we made IT Week

Remarkably, my flights to Chicago and from Chicago to Palm Springs left on time today. One is always advised to bring either work or plenty of surplus reading in anticipation of delays. You still get drinks for free on the flight (American Airlines) but you pay for the mediocre food offerings. This week IAITAM; next week Oracle World. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Miro’s Eliot Colon was featured in IT Week on Sept 17, 2007 (UK edition).

IAITAM Here I Come….

Tomorrow I travel to Palm Springs, CA to attend the 5th annual IAITAM conference. (IAITAM is the acronym for International Association of IT Asset Managers). The folks at IAITAM are a good bunch. In my view they’ve assembled a good team of professionals. I’m excited to attend –and speak- at this conference. My topic will cover ‘Smarter Oracle Software Licensing’ and one of my key themes will be to discuss Oracle compliance. What I like about IAITAM is their focus […]

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