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Knowledge is King for Software Licensing Contract Discussions!

We have a great series of Webinars in April and May. On April 21, we are co-presenting with ManageSoft on Oracle and Microsoft licensing and how knowledge is a critical factor during any software licensing contract discussions. We will discuss the discovery and inventory process for Oracle database instances and options, and explain how to establish a strong Vendor License Position. And, both companies will be presenting case studies. It’s sure to be a great discussion. Graeme Port, ManageSoft’s CTO […]

Microsoft updates licensing for virtualization

You will see that we refer to the ever-changing nature of software licensing. Well, here is an example -Microsoft has made some changes to their licensing terms, with a whole seven days in between. The latest update was released in two documents: “Licensing Windows Server 2008 to Run with Virtualization Technologies” and “Licensing Microsoft Server Products in Virtual Environments.” In addition, their CAL requirement for “indirect access to Windows 2008″ were lifted. What does this mean? You will only need […]

What is Software Licensing anyway?

Software licensing is a contract of agreement between the software publisher – e.g. Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, to name a few – and the end user, sometimes referred to as the End User License Agreement, or EULA. Though software licensing can be a paper agreement, most often it’s embedded in the software itself as part of the installation process. You see this kind of EULA in every day life. Just over the weekend I installed some play software for my 6 […]

Don’t Forget About Licensing

M&A…oh, yeah, don’t forget about licensing. There are increasing concerns about the complex support issues needed for Oracle’s acquisition activities over the past few years (not to mention the support strategy needed for Oracle’s upcoming acquisitions).   As with any M&A activity at any company, there are a few hurdles to be jumped.  In the last few years, the issue of Oracle support stemmed from the number of different groups and specialists needed to deal with each application. As with anything, […]

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