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Microsoft Moving to Open Source?

Microsoft announced last week that it was joining the Apache Software Foundation, a foundation that focuses on open source Web projects. Additionally, they have added to their open source team at Microsoft to include 112 people today. About a year ago they only had 15. Microsoft currently has two open source licenses – the Microsoft Public License and the Microsoft Reciprocal License. It has been reported that Microsoft products – Exchange, SQL Server and others – will eventually become open […]

Open source versus commercial licenses

Increasingly, open source has become a mantra within IT.  Their two trains of thought on open source and commercial licensing.  The first, of course, is that developers should have an opening community and share in share alike.  The other school of thought is that we need to keep our processes proprietary.  Oracle offers a dual licensing model to customers.  Companies have a choice of either an open source OSI-certified license that allows you use open-source software like Berkeley DB or […]

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