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What is Oracle Partitioning Option and why would I need it when I already own Oracle Database Enterprise Edition?

Oracle Partitioning Option is a separately licensed option of Oracle Database that is only available with the Enterprise Edition of Oracle Database. The Partitioning option for Oracle Database 11g offers the widest array of partitioning methods available, including interval, reference, list, and range.

One-minute Oracle Licensing Tip: Modifications

If your enterprise has installed any Oracle applications (including Hyperion, Siebel, PeopleSoft, etc.), the following piece of information is important and should be kept in mind. Many Oracle applications come bundled with the following restricted use licenses: • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition; and • Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition ‘Restricted use’ means you cannot modify, alter, or otherwise change these underlying products. The intent of restricted use is that you employ -and deploy – these products “as is” and […]

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