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Week in Review (Around the World): Software Licensing and Compliance

In the News This Week ·       CIO SAP Raises Software Maintenance Fees for New Customers ·       eWeek Report: Subscriptions to Surge for Open-Source Licensing ·      Search CIO Gartner: Windows heavyweight champ, but no longer nimble       ·     WTN News Beware vendor’s line in software licensing agreements Editor’s note: This is the first of several columns that will explore IT contracting best practices. Many negotiations for software licenses or system.       ·      Computing Software licensing models: virtualisation continues to make its … […]

Software Maintenance Fees on the Rise

SAP is raising its software maintenance fees for new customers.  No surprise there.  Soft maintenance fees are the life’s blood of enterprise software vendors.   It’s the recurring revenue these companies can count on.  Maintenance and support fees for software license(s) – whether it’s SAP, Microsoft or Oracle licensing – the average is about 20 to 25% (maybe even closer to 30% these days)  of the annual net license price .  Financial analysts have said that the recurring maintenance fees can […]

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade…

SearchOracle.com just wrote an interesting piece this week on the trials and tribulations of going through an upgrade process on existing enterprise software. Mark Brunelli emphasizes the importance of doing your research ahead of time – know what the new features are, or what features may have been done away with – before making the decision to upgrade. Just because it’s called an upgrade, doesn’t always mean that it will serve as an advantage to your business. Another important factor […]

Eliot for President!

I wanted to post a brief entry today with some exciting news. Eliot Arlo Colon has been appointed to President of Miro, effective today. Eliot has served as the company’s COO for the past seven years where he has negotiated over $700 million in software licensing transactions, saving our clients more than half a billion dollars in licensing, support and consulting fees. Eliot is our go-to guy when it comes to Oracle software licensing which has been a tremendous asset […]

Who would have thought about the fonts?

Here is the scenario – you buy new computers for the office that all come with an upgraded version of the latest operating system. On top of all that comes with the new operating system – training, compatibility issues with old computers, etc – did you ever think you would have to consider fonts??? Well, what many IT managers don’t realize, or don’t have the bandwidth to consider, is that all fonts are licensed and need to be kept up […]

Term vs. Perpetual Licensing—When Does Choosing a Term License Make More Sense Than a Perpetual License?

Update: As of September 1, 2020, Oracle discontinued the option of purchasing on-premise term licenses (1-5 years), with the exception of some key technology products which may still be purchased on 1-year term licensing. If you’re anticipating the need for additional Oracle licensing and your budget is small, you may be better off with a term license.  Depending on the business need – it may work out to your business’ benefit. What exactly is a term license? Oracle, for example, […]

Virtualization: The Promise land?

Software can be sold as a virtual appliance with its own OS to run as a virtual machine on your existing server or VMware using cloud computing. Is this the future? The benefits: flexibility and maintenance for software delivery. But many don’t support virtualization platforms….yet. Oracle’s virtualization technology goes hand in hand with support for their apps. In fact, Oracle has announced that its virtualization software will support both Oracle and non-Oracle applications. They are one of the ones ahead […]


TomorrowNow: Better Luck Tomorrow With the woes faced by SAP and its TomorrowNow unit, it’s was no surprise to see today’s board statement on Bloomberg that the unit is “not sustainable.”  Since the resignation of TomorrowNow’s CEO Andrew Nelson last month and the Oracle lawsuit, it’s all gone downhill for the rising young company.  TomorrowNow was being bandied about as a hero.  A real David and Goliath story.  It’s too bad the hero is turning out to be a bandit.  […]

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