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Third-party Oracle support: To be or not to be

Even after the 2008 shutdown of TomorrowNow, we are often asked by company executives about third-party alternatives for Oracle support. While we understand that this is being driven by the need to reduce IT support costs, there are some distinct advantages and disadvantages. Companies – such as newcomer Spinnaker – are creating opportunities for themselves with claims of cutting third-party support costs in half. And, since these alternative 3rd party support providers are essentially cutting out the annual support and […]

The 3 Licensing Models for Oracle Applications

Oracle offers 3 licensing models for its installed applications to fit the unique needs of each organization: component pricing, custom applications suite pricing and enterprise pricing. Having different licensing models allow organizations to select the best combination for their operations.  Not all products are available within each of the pricing models due to the Terms, Conditions and application features. Oracle’s component pricing model is an a la carte pricing model that caters to customers with a limited number of users. […]

Oracle to Release 40+ Patches on Tuesday

Oracle announced that it would release patches for a number of product including critical database fixes this coming week.  Oracle plans to release 40+ patches on Tuesday.  Security vulnerabilities addressed by this Critical Patch Update affect the following products: Oracle Database 11g, version Oracle Database 10g Release 2, versions, Oracle Database 10g, version Oracle Database 9i Release 2, versions, Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 (10.1.3), versions, Oracle Application Server 10g Release […]

One-minute Oracle Licensing Tip: Modifications

If your enterprise has installed any Oracle applications (including Hyperion, Siebel, PeopleSoft, etc.), the following piece of information is important and should be kept in mind. Many Oracle applications come bundled with the following restricted use licenses: • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition; and • Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition ‘Restricted use’ means you cannot modify, alter, or otherwise change these underlying products. The intent of restricted use is that you employ -and deploy – these products “as is” and […]

Greetings from OracleWorld!

Greetings from Oracle OpenWorld in SF. Well…the weather’s been great all in all. There are swarms of Oracle attendees here! Here, there, everywhere. The conference attendees’ have taken over downtown SF, which is remarkably clean and has a very good feel to it. The dining experiences so far are pricey but on the disappointing side. (And I’ve eaten at some expensive one’s thus far). Many veteran attendees say the conference has gotten too unwieldy and that Oracle should break the […]

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