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How RFPs can help

When dealing with a vendor like Oracle, a simple way to get off on the right foot with your licensing agreement is to develop an RFP or a Request for Quotation that outlines your specific business needs. Any changes made in terms of your needs should be identified by the vendor and they should also provide cost differentials for each set of terms based on individual scenarios.  Getting the terms out of the way before you even choose a vendor […]

Work plan? What’s that?

Work plan?  What’s that? Two common questions that you’ll often find whenever companies are dealing with software licensing. Before entering into any contract with a software vendor it’s important to have a generic work plan that will guarantee that deliverables are met once your license agreement goes into effect. It’s important to have the immediate deliverables in writing as well as a schedule of items that need to be completed even after the contract is signed. The work plan will […]

SLAs – Why do they have to be so confusing?

Software Licensing Agreements, be it Oracle, Microsoft or Adobe, can at times read like a foreign language. We thought we would pass along some tips that can help when making a large software purchase. First and foremost, it’s almost always a mistake to accept the vendor’s standard agreement. The SLA should be specified to your business needs and as specific as possible – the standard agreement lacks a lot of this information – make the vendor work for your business […]

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