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A good dose of CYA

Software asset management involves staying on top of compliance. SOX compels CEOs and CFOs to attest to reporting clean financials and reporting material changes regularly. Here’s the gotcha moment: SOX also requires them to be compliant with copyright law, which is what gives teeth to vendor audits by the likes of Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe and many of our beloved enterprise software vendors. So in the spirit of CYA, ensure that you have what you need to be compliant. All leading […]

Named User Plus Licensing

We’re not often asked about Named Users, but questions should arise.  The most commonly misunderstand situation in software enterprise compliance is the need for licensing to cover non-production environments (e.g. development, test, archive, etc.).  This is one of the most common areas of having either over licensed -which means corporate IT is overspending- or have under licensed -which means the company is out of license compliance. When licensing by Oracle’s Named User Plus metric there are several things to consider […]

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