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Microsoft apologizes

In December, some of you may have noticed, that Microsoft revamped its volume licensing site in order to have one system for both business users and software partners. The company has gotten many, many complaints about email verification. Microsoft issued an apology on its website, but if you read through the string of comments, you will see that many are still facing problems and the glitch in the system has not been fixed, as promised. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, […]

Criteria for Microsoft ISV Royalty Licensing Program

  Independent software vendors who participate in Microsoft’s ISV Royalty program should be aware of the criteria: ISV must develop a value-added solution using Microsoft’s products and distribute it as one solution. It is expected that a Certified II or Gold II membership is maintained in the Microsoft Partner Program or your organization can purchase prepaid support options from MS or a Gold Certified Support Partner. There is a commitment of $15,000 in royalties over a three-year agreement term. Technical […]

Microsoft’s New Volume Licensing Plan – Select Plus

Microsoft unveiled a new volume licensing plan for large organizations this month called Microsoft Select Plus. The program will allow companies to use a single ID to track their licensing contracts across the entire company. The program will mean bigger discounts as there will be the opportunity to increase your overall “points” – which are used to determine volume qualifications (you must have 500 points to qualify for Select Plus). You can still qualify for this new program if you […]

Activation Required for all Windows Vista and Servers

As a part of their Genuine Software Initiative, Microsoft has designed a new method of activation for volume license customers. All editions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 now require activation. Under this new requirement, there are two types of volume activation 2.0 options for license enrollment: Key Management Service: a local activation service that is hosted locally in the customer’s environment and managed by the customer/IT department. Multiple Activation Key: a one-time activation with Microsoft’s hosted activation services. […]

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