Month: May 2008

Should Larry be on top?

Now that Oracle’s very own Larry Ellison is Forbes’ #1 top-paid CEOs in technology companies for 2007, there are a flurry of comments on whether he deserves it.  It all started with Shayna Garlick’s Does Ellison Deserve to be No.1?  Old Larry even knocked his best friend – Steve Jobs – down for the position. Maybe it’s all those Oracle licensing fees.  Just kidding, Larry. So, does he deserve to be Numero Uno?   Tell us what you think.

Oracle buys AdminServer

On par with Larry’s acquisition strategy, Oracle (nasdaq: ORCL) will acquire AdminServer, a provider of insurance policy administration software.  Though, the terms of the deals have not been disclosed, but the transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2008.  For more info, go to http://www.oracle.com/adminserver. AdminServer will complement Oracle’s existing products.  But, any users of Oracle Billing, Siebel Claims, Siebel CRM for insurance and AdminServer should start thinking about the Oracle licensing changes to be made during […]

Crisis or Opportunity: leading through a down economy

I will be speaking tomorrow at the Corporate Executive Board Conferences – Customize or Standardize?  Making the Right IT Choices with Scarce Resources.   I am particularly excited about the speaking engagement as I will be at the same conference — in fact it will be meeting with — Dr. Alan Greenspan.  As part of my presentation tomorrow, I’ll be showing the following video about the project from hell.  I think this summarizes what I feel about customizing IT projects.

In Licensing loopholes in Microsoft Windows XP

So Dell and HP are offering XP instead of Vista.  Even with all the tweaks Microsoft has made to desktop operating system — making it more intuitive, more secure and just generally having cool stuff — means that you need more memory and faster graphics. Meanwhile, Windows XP users are getting a surprise.  Computer makers — including Dell, HP and Lenovo (IBM) — have found a loophole in the HP licensing scheme.  Under the Windows Vista licensing terms, XP can […]

Cloudy software licensing issues

Cloud computing — also known as grid computing (or you just call it on-demand computing) has been making headway in the press lately.  Aside from publications that stem from security to data privacy, there is a whole host of complex licensing and compliance issues that need to be addressed.  For example, in the world of cloud computing, there is one application that might the running on numerous servers.  Or, what happens when your software vendor decides to do an audit?  […]

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