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Minimizing audit penalties with IBM

There are opportunities at every stage of an IBM audit to reduce the quantity of violations and amount of penalties you will owe. Here are some tips: ILMT report verification – If you’re running ILMT, verify the report. With the complexity of IBM software, their tool may not be reporting the correct number without some tweaks. The ILMT reports are simple to read once you get the tool up and running so it’s possible that you could be on top […]

IBM Audits in a changing environment

Between the time of the audit notification and the time for the discovery, how does IBM account for changes in the environments? The audit is done at a point in time. If you’re running ILMT, the tool is set up to report a high-water mark for the quarter. IBM and their auditor will see that – remember, you are asked to keep two years of reports on file for IBM’s use. If you do not run ILMT, the peak usage […]

Saving on PVU-based IBM software

IBM accepts a wide variety of virtualization technologies including VMware. With IBM allowing subcapacity licensing, there is a misconception that this method of counting licensing is automatic. Please refer to IBM’s licensing rules. Currently the Passport Advantage agreement is in effect and it is only 9 pages long – http://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/passportadvantage/PA_Agreements/PA_Agreement_International_English.pdf With subcapacity licensing, you have reporting responsibilities. Either use IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT), or if exempt follow the alternate reporting method described by IBM. Once you’ve passed this hurdle, […]

IBM Audits – Timing and Reporting

How far back does an IBM Audit go? Typically IBM Audits look at two time periods. The initial look at your environment is a point-in-time review, like a snapshot. The auditor will review your last quarterly ILMT report besides running scripts against today’s set-up.  They would also expect answers to their questions to regard the current state.    The script outputs for some products may have historical data such as high water marks for concurrent or floating users. If there is […]


If you’re heavily using IBM in your environment and that’s your main line of business software and you plan to continue with that investment, we recommend taking advantage of IBM ELAs as they contain many favorable options such as: Enterprise License, more fondly known as ‘All you can eat’ – we have seen ELAs for a limited software product that you can download and install as much as you want and then at the end of the ELA, you report […]

Is ILMT implementation a catalyst for an IBM license review?

First, let’s define ILMT. ILMT is short for IBM License Metric Tool that helps organizations to track and maintain PVU deployed software for full and sub-capacity environments. Secondly and a very important point, any software customer of IBM’s under the Passport Advantage Agreement is eligible for a license review, or in other words, an audit.    IBM audits customers regardless of their ILMT use or non-use including the following scenarios:   1 – An enterprise that claims they have never heard […]

Short-Sighted to Call IBM and Its Employees Obsolete

Because I still bleed blue as a former IBMer, articles were emailed to me regarding this current round of resource actions. These layoffs do not penalize poor performers because recipients of a 1 PBC (gold star employees) are part of the action; also the internal advocates who publicly blog about IBM’s products or run the official IBM wikis to deep dive into the beauty of IBM’s products are also released into the wild. One article in particular by Dana Blankenhorn […]

Will choosing Cloud hurt my licensing position with IBM?

Thinking about moving to the cloud and curious about its effect on your software license position with IBM? No need to worry, IBM will work with you.  The Cloud has a lot of flavors that might seem confusing, but if you understand what you are responsible for and how it’s deployed, you will not end up in a difficult situation with IBM down the road. Some things to consider: Make sure your cloud host will allow you to run ILMT. […]

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